The Internet is Imperative to Success

In today’s business world, having an effective web presence can be the difference between finding your next customer or being passed over for the competition.

MarshallMEDIAS can create a website that impacts your bottom line; drive customers to your site; analyze web data to improve your business and find effective ways to communicate with your current and future clients!

Website Design

Your website can make or break your business. It is your 24/7/365 sales tool that represents your company to current and future customers.

MarshallMEDIAS builds impactful websites that focus on the following principles…
  • Create with a balance of style & functionality!
  • Make the important things easy to find!
  • Ensure a mobile optimized experience!
  • Utilize call-to-action tools!
  • Build with SEO in mind!

Desktop redesign before & after!


Mobile redesign
before & after!

Google Ads

Google Ads provide an extremely cost effective and results driven way of driving people to your website!

MarshallMEDIAS creates and manages Google Ads campaigns for clients that…
  • Capitalize on the millions of Google searches each day!
  • Use strategic search keyword targeting to attract potential customers to your site and away from your competitors!
  • Incorporate negative keywords to make sure you’re not paying for searches that would have led to your site organically!
  • Showcase dynamic image and text creative for effective display ads that generate low cost per click (CPC) and / or cost per thousand impressions (CPM)!
  • Learn as the campaign progresses and shifts budget to what is most effective at driving a return on investment (ROI)!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a deep dive into your website data that can tell you how your site is working well and where improvements should be made!

MarshallMEDIAS makes sense of all the data Google Analytics offers and helps you…
  • Learn how your customers interact with your website!
  • Understand where people engage or lose interest in your content!
  • Build a user profile to include in your efforts to pinpoint your most likely customers!
  • Identify which marketing partners are most effective in sending traffic to your website!
  • Compare your results vs. past performances to showcase growth or identify weaknesses!
  • Figure out a return on your marketing investments!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a proven method to get in front of potential customers via a platform they use nearly every day!

MarshallMEDIAS builds dynamic email marketing campaigns!

We are a Certified Constant Contact Partner, but can work with multiple email platforms if you already have one in place. With our email marketing expertise we’ll help improve your current email efforts by…

  • Building eye-catching email templates!
  • Ensuring mobile optimization!
  • Utilizing quick call to action buttons near the beginning of each email!
  • Showcasing the primary information the customer needs to make a decision above the fold/scroll!
  • Testing A/B subject lines to deliver emails with the highest click through rates!
  • Utilizing online survey functionality built into the email platform so you can learn more about your customers!

Email Template Design
Before & After

Website Portfolio

Check out our portfolio of client website designs!