Advertising is easy!

Advertising effectively can be daunting – if you don’t know what you don’t know.

MarshallMEDIAS is built on 20+ years of advertising & media experience. Here’s what we do and have been doing effectively for years!

Traditional Media

Television, radio, newspaper, billboards, magazines, direct mail, etc. These tried and true mediums are still viable and effective. Some clients succeed using them all, some succeed using a few… but they’re still around because they can all work with great marketing strategy!

At MarshallMEDIAS we…

  • Evaluate past media partnerships!
  • Submit RFPs to appropriate media!
  • Review and evaluate proposals!
  • Plan and place media buys within a budget established by our clients!
  • Negotiate rates and value-added components!
  • Track schedules!
  • Reconcile media invoices!
  • Critique media performance!
  • Re-cap campaigns!
  • Make recommendations for future campaigns!

Traditional Media

  • Television

  • Radio

  • Billboard

  • Newspaper

  • Magazine

  • Direct Mail

Digital Media

Digital media has emerged as a data-centric advertising platform that offers precision targeting and unparalleled transparency in real-time and post campaign reporting! When users shift their attention away from traditional media, digital media is often where you’ll find them!

At MarshallMEDIAS we…

  • Build strategic digital media campaigns for
    • Google Ads via search, display and video!
    • Social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
  • Write & create dynamic ad content for Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
  • Evaluate digital options presented by traditional media companies!
  • Partner with high-quality companies to serve ads via mobile device targeting and OTT video!

Digital Media

  • Google Ads

  • Video Ads

  • Social Ads

  • Mobile Device Targeting

  • OTT Video

Ad Creative

You can’t advertise without creative! Preferably, you work with a company that can help you create dynamic creative that inspires action!

At MarshallMEDIAS we…

  • Brainstorm with you to build an overall campaign strategy!
  • Engage talented graphic designers to create beautiful visual layouts for ads, corporate and B2B materials!
  • Write compelling scripts that motivate action!
  • Capture eye-catching video footage and photography!
  • Work with talented directors and editors to produce engaging video content!
  • Elevate your brand using professional voice over artists and audio producers to create effective audio content!
  • Distribute your ad campaign with strategy and precision to the various media outlets included in the buy!

Ad Creative

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Graphic Design

  • Scriptwriting

  • Video Production

  • Audio Production

  • Ad Trafficking